We plan, manufacture and install your central material supply system – designed completely according to your wishes and adapted to your plastics processing.
Expand your capabilities with KOCH-TECHNIK!



Parts of a central conveying system for material supply

Outdoor silos for large quantities of processing material

In the long term, silos are the most cost-effective solution for an intermediate storage of plastics when large quantities are processed. We plan and install material silos or day containers in the interior that are optimally adapted to the requirements of material processing.

Conveying line made of V2A stainless steel with bows made of shatterproof glass for changes of direction of the material transport

We design the pipes of the material-carrying lines from aluminium or high-quality V2A stainless steel. As required, the inner diameters are 40, 50, 60 or 100 mm. We lay the pipes along the hall periphery or in floor ducts. For the transport of hard, glass fibre reinforced plastics, we also plan special pipes and bows made of shatterproof glass. This special glass is very resistant to abrasion caused by such materials.

A frequency-controlled rotary claw vacuum pump and a side channel blower generate the vacuum for suction conveying here.

Each of our material supply systems is individually tailored to your needs. Whether you are processing bagged goods or your material comes from the Octabin, BigPack or a silo, we calculate the correct suction vacuum for further transport: Side channel compressors are long-lasting and maintenance-free vacuum generators for smaller material conveying systems, e.g. for filling drying containers. We use rotary claw vacuum pumps when longer distances have to be overcome during the material transport. Such pumps, optimally matched, have no equal in efficiency.

Two safety filters protect the vacuum generator installed behind and filter out particles of up to 2 μm from the conveying air

Safety filters

The KOCH safety filter automatically cleans the dust-laden conveying air and thus protects the vacuum generators installed behind. The body of the safety filter contains a replaceable polyester fleece cartridge filter with a filter surface of 2.5 m², which filters out particles of up to 2 μm from the conveying air of the material lines. An internal cleaning system cleans this filter cartridge after each conveying cycle in a split second. Therefore, no residual dust remains in the filter that can harm the vacuum generators connected behind it. For conveying materials with a very high content of glass fibres, we offer a version with a filter housing made of special glass.
Connection unit – our classic material distributor
With a material distributor, you can manually guide the material flow to the right plastic processing machine. Each material distributor is tailored to your needs and can be extended without any problems.
Each available material receives its input. The outputs are determined by the materials that you want to process at the same time. Each machine can be connected with each material using quick couplings.
NAVIGATOR – our successful material distribution system for an automatic material feeding
Modern and efficient plastics processing requires a flexible material supply system: It should be possible to supply any machine quickly and safely with any material.
Our patented NAVIGATOR is the right solution. The material distribution system combines simple operation and high flexibility for a fully automatic and residue-free material supply:
  • A machine line is connected directly to a material line.
  • This way, from 10 to 40 processing machines can be fully automatically and quickly supplied with different materials.
  • All operating conditions are recorded and can be output via interfaces.
  • Integration into the KOCH visualization software possible

PLC control: A touch panel supports the menu navigation

Central control for your material supply system

The central control unit based on SIEMENS PLC S7 is the brain of each fully automatic material supply system.

The material transport parameters can be entered and changed here via the touch display. All operating data are recorded, stored and can be printed out. Digital interfaces allow a data output as well as communication with external systems, e.g. with the KOCH visualization amd monitoring software.

A touch screen with the visualization software above the cabinet with the central control

KOCH visualization software: Complete process monitoring

The KOCH visualization software allows you to remotely access all components of your material supply system.

The KOCH visualization is a monitoring and process management software for monitoring and controlling the central material supply system of your plastics processing.

The visualization easily exchanges data with your MES or ERP system via your internal network.

A8 material separator with a Z5 intermediate hopper in a central conveying system

Material separators (hopper loaders) for your material supply system

A2 hopper loader with a Z1 intermediate hopper

The A2 type is a separator for the smallest material throughputs. Together with the Z1 intermediate hopper, you can convey 5 kg of material per hour. The advantage is obvious in particular when dried but hygroscopic materials are processed: The loss of quality due to moisture is reduced by a short dwell time in the hopper.

A8 type material separator

The A8 type is a material separator for regenerated and granular pellets, with which you can convey up to 150 kg/h. This hopper loader is reliable, maintenance-free and long-lasting.

A20 material separator

You can use A20/A30 hopper loaders for plastic pellet transport of 300 kg/h or 400 kg/h. The robust separators are ideal if you need to transport large quantities of material.

A50/A70 BELIKO type hopper loader

The BELIKO type A50 – A150 material separators are suitable for throughputs from 500 kg/h to 2,500 kg/h of regenerated material and plastic pellets. With this long-lasting hopper, you can transport very large material

TMA8 hopper loader

TM: Alternate conveying of two different materials, e.g. new goods and ground material
The TM conveyors have two material inputs and a mixing valve. You can therefore process ground material immediately and the supplied ground material content does not have to be too high. An integrated control system allows you to set the conveying time as well as the switching over and percentage for both material components.

Förderabscheider TMA30 und TMA20 mit Zwischentrichter Z12

Type Volume in litres Throughput in kg/h Types of material Cleaning
A2 1,3 5 1 sieve filter
TMA2 1,3 5 2 sieve filter
A8 12 150 1 sieve filter
A8D 12 150 1 rotary blade*
TMA8 12 150 2 sieve filter
TMA8D 12 150 2 rotary blade*
A20 20 300 1 sieve filter
A20D 20 300 1 rotary blade*
TMA20 20 300 2 sieve filter
TMA20D 20 300 2 rotary blade*
A30 30 400 1  sieve filter
A30D 30 400 1 rotary blade*
TMA30 30 400 2 sieve filter
TMA30D 30 400 2 rotary blade*
A50 50 600 1 sieve filter
A50D 50 600 1 rotary blade*
A70 70 900 1 sieve filter
A70D 70 900 1 rotary blade*
A100 100 1300 1 sieve filter
A100D 100 1300 1 rotary blade*
A150 150 1800 1 sieve filter
A150D 150 1800 1 rotary blade*
rotary blade* = rotary blade cleaning for cleaning the polyester fleece filter, by which the material is separated from the conveying air.

GLASKO – hopper loader made of special glass

The GLASKO type is a UMP protected series for conveying glass fibre reinforced materials. The conveying container consists completely of 6 mm thick special glass up to the release valve.

GLASKO as a material separator in a central material supply system

When extremely hard material is sucked, the service life is increased a hundredfold compared to conventional conveyors!

Benefits of GLASKO:

  • Special conveyor for all glass fibre reinforced materials
  • Conveying container made of 6 mm thick special glass
  • Very high wear resistance and stability
  • Seamless integration in conveyor system possible
  • Suitable for the KOCH modular system
  • Tool-free cleaning, can be swivelled on our material hoppers made of aluminium castings
  • Volume from 10 to 30 litres
Type Volume in litres Throughput in kg/h Types of material Cleaning
A8G 8 100 1 sieve filter
A8DG 8 100 1 rotary blade*
A20G 20 200 1 sieve filter
A20DG 20 200 1 rotary blade*
A30G 30 300 1 sieve filter
A30DG 30 300 1 rotary blade*
rotary blade* = rotary blade cleaning for cleaning the polyester fleece filter, by which the material is separated from the conveying air.
For conveying two materials (TM), GLASKO can be provided with a control system and an external mixing valve made of special glass.

This CKT 500 dry air dryer with 12 drying containers dries the material for 24 injection moulding machines.

The polymer dryer as a part of a central material supply system for your plastics processing
  • Do your products have to meet the special quality criteria of your customers?
  • Do you produce according to prescribed guidelines?
  • Do you want to save energy?
A system for pre-drying plastic pellets with a KOCH-TECHNIK dry air dryer improves the chemical properties of the material, increases the flow rate and guarantees a higher breaking strength of the final product. This garanted the quality of products and saves energy during the whole plastic processing. Because the energy invested in drying saves a lot of energy in following polymer processing.
Our dry air dryers are suitable for drying all plastics. The dryers can be integrated in the central conveying system.

KOCH-TECHNIK pellet dryer on a platform – a common alternative today to save space.

KOCH-TECHNIK dryers offer the following advantages:
  • Effective and energy efficient pellet drying
  • They dry hygroscopic substances, e.g. PA, PC, POM, LCP, etc.
  • With automatic dew point control from -30 °C to -55 °C
  • Pre-drying to reach a residual moisture less than 0.02 g H2O/m³
  • Mobile or stationary integrated in the central conveying system
  • Consultation, planning and installation are based on your possibilities
If a drying is required immediately before the processing, our mobile pellet dryers or top-mounted dryers can be used. The top-mounted dryers dry the plastics directly on the processing machine, which is advantageous for very strongly hygroscopic materials in particular.

Material locking
Material locking With a material lock at the separator, the material or air flow is reliably separated to avoid incorrect conveying.

Material recognition
The material recognition is a simple and safe way to monitor the coupling processes at the material distributor. Incorrect material in the machine is excluded and your material distribution becomes process-reliable – an option that can also be easily fitted subsequently.

Suction valve (UMP protected)
Valves for emptying the material lines. Suction valves are necessary when the pellet drying is a part of your central material supply system.
Through these valves, the material left in the line is sucked off after each conveying cycle.

Barcode capture for material verification
A big step towards process safety is the material verification via barcode capture.
The code on the material is read out via the scanner and the data is sent immediately to the visualization and monitoring system.

Your advantage:
  • You process only approved material
  • Every change of material is documented
  • Tamper-proof security for certifications
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