One of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots, with more than 540,000 robots installed worldwide

Tri Project d.o.o. - Exclusive Representative of Yaskawa

Tri Project d.o.o. have Partnered with Yaskawa as Solution Provider

As a soulution provider, in partnership with Yaskawa,
Tri Project d.o.o. offering turnkey automation solutions to the market.

Leader in Industrial Robots Manufacturing

More then 100 years, Yaskawa helps customers that are new to robotics - to start their automation story today, as well as robot experts to find new possibilities of intelligent robotic systems 

Tri Project d.o.o. provides solutions for all kind of business needs regardless of the volume and size of your company. We are committed to quality, creativity, professionalism and sustainability in all areas of our work.

Certified Service Technicians

Tri Project Service Technicians Are Certified by Yaskawa Academy

Programming and working with the YRC1000 Controller which controls all modern robotic solutions – collaborative, handling & assembly, painting, palletizing, pick & place, welding & cutting.

In addition to the typical Yaskawa controller functionality, this new controller generation enables increased robot speeds and higher path accuracy.

Tri Project Service Technicians are Certified
To Program and Work With The YRC1000 Controller Which Controls All Modern Robotic Solutions


Handling & Assembly



Pick & place

Welding & cutting

HC Series - Human Collaborative Robots

Built With the Industrial Strength - HC Series (HC10)

New generation of robotics that is capable, affordable, versatile, simple to use and built with the industrial strength for which Yaskawa products are known

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Collaborative and Easy to Use Robotic Solutios

The Yaskawa human collaborative robots (HC10) are for customers looking for easy automation, a robot to automate tasks, that can work in close proximity to humans

Masters of Robotics Motion and Control

Highest Quality Coupled with Outstanding Performance

One Robot - 3 Modes - Endless Posibilities


10 kg payload / 1,379 mm reach / ± 0.05 mm repeatability

  • Direct Teaching
  • Food Grade Grease
  • Protection Class IP67
  • Available as Welding Robot


20 kg / payload / 1,900 mm reach / ± 0.05 mm repeatability

  • Direct Teaching
  • Food Grade Grease
  • Protection Class IP67
  • Chemicalproof surface (HC10DTFP)

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