We offer peripherals for material supply of your plastics processing. Our compact and single conveyors transport material quickly and cleanly to injection moulding machines or extruders
Expand your capabilities with KOCH-TECHNIK!



We have kept these conveyors very compact in their design. The vacuum generator for suction conveying needs only 230 V and is integrated directly in the conveying hood. Regardless of whether your processing machine shall be supplied with new goods, ground material or free-flowing powder: our compact conveyors ensure a dust-free material transport.

Therefore, our compact conveyors are the ideal solution for supplying processing machines from containers or dryers.


Single conveyors are used for transporting large required quantities over longer conveying distances. The material conveyors have a separate 400 V vacuum generator. High performance, freedom from maintenance and a long life are just a few of the benefits of material transport with these conveyors.

Our single conveyors transport dust-free new material, ground material or free-flowing powder and are ideal for continuous operation.

Compact conveyors

The smallest conveyors for grain formed plastic pellets or ground materials
The strength of MIKO lies in the smallest material throughputs. In combination with the Z1 intermediate hopper, a max. of 5 kg/h are conveyed. If MIKO is mounted on a Z2 intermediate hopper via a flange plate, throughputs of up to 15 kg/h are possible.
MIKO with the Z2 intermediate hopper is ideal for material throughputs up to 15 kg/h.
In the control unit that is integrated in the device, you can set the conveying and cleaning times and enable a fault message in case of a material shortage.
Advantages of the smallest MIKO conveyors
  • Height of 43 cm and weight of only 4,800 g
  • Robust cover from aluminium die casting with a glass ring
  • Capacity 1.3 l
  • Blower 0.65 kW – connection 230 V/50 Hz
  • Automatic rotor cleaning of a cartridge filter for a dust-free material transport
  • Easy handling: You can swivel the device without disassembly on the hopper and open the hood
  • Conveying capacity up to 15 kg/h, distance up to 25 m, height up to 5 m
  • TM MIKO with two material inputs for conveying two various materials
TM MIKO has two material inputs and can alternately convey two different types of material in percentages, e.g. new goods and ground material.
Kinds of material 1 2
Housing GKAL / glass GKAL / glass
Volume 1.3 litre 1.3 litre
Voltage V/Hz 230/50 230/50
Compact conveyors for throughputs up to 50 kg/h
This low-cost conveyor is suitable for stand-alone solutions without a compressed air connection and for transporting less dusty pellets. The sucked material/air mixture is separated by a movable filter cloth that retains up to 200 µm (i.e. 0.2 mm) small particles and cleans itself after each conveying process.
Type 608
Material components 1
Collector blower 1.1 kW
Housing GKAL
Volume 8,5 litres
Voltage V/Hz 230/50
The conveyor has a completely removable conveying hood and can be swivelled laterally on each hopper made of cast aluminium.
The control is integrated in the unit. Here you can set the conveying and cleaning times and enable an automatic message in case of material shortage.
Type 612D – Compact conveyor with rotary blade cleaning for a material throughput up to 60 kg/h
The suction vacuum creates a powerful collector fan in the conveyor hood. The hood with blower can be opened for maintenance and the device itself can be swivelled laterally on the intermediate hoppers made of cast aluminium – without disassembly or tools.
The conveying and cleaning times and a fault message in case of material shortage can be set in the integrated control unit.
Whether you convey virgin material, ground material or powder – our compact conveyors ensure a dust-free operation.
The sucked material/air mixture is separated and the air is cleaned by a polyester fleece filter. The filter retains all particles larger than 2 μm. By comparison: a human hair has a thickness of about 50 μm, i.e. 0.05 mm.
After each conveying cycle, the filter cartridge is blown out by a rotor and cleaned of dust.
Type TM6D – Compact conveyor for two materials and a throughput of up to 60 kg/h
The compact conveyor TM6D is identical to the 612D type but it has two material inputs. You can therefore feed your processing machine with two different types of material. Each material is conveyed alternately through a mixing valve and well mixed in the unit.
Besides the new material, you can also process ground sprues from a nearby mill or barrel this way.
Type 612D
Kinds of material 1 2
Collector blower 1.1 kW 1.1 kW
Volume 12 litres 12 litres
Voltage V/Hz 230/50 230/50

Single conveyors

Single conveyor 3020D Single conveyors for normal to large required quantities The suction vacuum for our single conveyors is generated by a separate three-phase blower. Long conveying paths, large conveying quantities, freedom from maintenance and a long service life are just a few advantages that speak for these devices. Most important characteristics:
  • Automatic rotary-blade cleaning
  • stepless setting of dosing quantities
  • Material shortage warning
  • Main body bottom from GKAL
  • Blower voltage 400 V/50 Hz
  • Suction pipe and antistatic hose included in the delivery
Type 138D 238D 1320D 2330D
Blower 1.5 kW 2.3 kW 1.3 kW 2.3 kW
Housing GKAL GKAL GKAL/ stainless steel GKAL/ stainless steel
Volume 8 litres 8 litres 20 litres 30 litres
Conveying capacity 150 kg/h 200 kg/h 300 kg/h 400 kg/h
The smallest single conveyor 138D with side channel blower
Single BELIKO type conveyor for the largest required quantities BELIKO types – the big single conveyors Our single conveyors are long-lasting and suitable for continuous operation. The material conveyors for large required quantities are manufactured as the BELIKO type to limit the height of the structure. All of our single conveyors are ideal for transporting large quantities of plastic material over long distances. The used vacuum generators are maintenance-free and always tailored to the needs.
Type BELIKO 3050D 4050D 5550D 7570D
Blower 3.0 kW 4.0 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW
Housing Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Volume 50 litres 50 litres 50 litres 70 litres
Conveying capacity 600 kg/h 900 kg/h 1200 kg/h 1500 kg/h
(TM) Single conveyors for 2 various materials during one conveying process The TM conveyor has two material inputs and can supply a processing machine with two different materials. New goods and ground material can be conveyed alternately. An internal control unit controls a mixing valve that provides good mixing.
Type TM 13D TM 23D TM 2320D
Blower 1.3 kW 2.3 kW 2.3 kW
Volume 12 litres 12 litres 20 litres
Conveying capacity 150 kg/h 150 kg/h 400 kg/h
Conveying unit DUO – complete package, with which you can get started right away!
Supply of two points of use with one vacuum generator
The DUO conveying unit consists of 2 hopper loaders with rotary-blade cleaning against dust, 2 material hoppers, 2 suction lances, an antistatic hose and a rack with vacuum generator and control unit.
There is a choice of four different complete packages to cover material conveying from 120 kg/h up to 340 kg/h. All components are matched to the corresponding material throughputs. The simple control via touch panel is integrated.
Blower 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 2.3 kW
Voltage V/Hz 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50
Throughput 120 kg/h 120 kg/h 230 kg/h 340 kg/h
Important characteristics for the DUO conveying unit:
  • Material supply by use of 2 material separators to different points of use
  • Simple control via a touch panel
  • The same output as two common single conveying systems
  • 4 different complete packages available
  • For nominal widths (diameter) 40mm and 50mm

Conveying glass fibre reinforced materials

GLASKO as a 612DG compact conveyor
GLASKO – material feeder made of special glass
The UMP protected device made of special glass for conveying glass fibre reinforced materials.
Glass fibre reinforced plastics are abrasive and therefore place the greatest demands on the conveying peripherals. The extraordinary hardness of the material often limits the service life of the conveyors to just a few months. We have a cheap and effective solution for such a problem: the GLASKO material conveyor. The material container consists completely of 6 mm thick special glass up to the fall-out flap.
When extremely hard material is transported, the service life is increased a hundredfold compared to conventional conveyors!
Our special shatterproof glass has optimally proved for transport of fibreglass-reinforced materials. A abrasion of the glass surface is impossible for years. Therefore we offer a five-year-warranty if the the glassy body will be damaged by conveyed plastic granulates.
GLASKO as a hopper loader for material supply systems
Benefits of GLASKO:
  • Special conveyor for all glass fibre reinforced materials
  • Conveying containers made of about 6 mm thick, hardened special glass
  • Very high wear resistance and stability
  • Seamless integration in conveyor system possible
  • Suitable for KOCH conveying hoods and intermediate hoppers
  • Tool-free maintenance and cleaning
  • Rotary blade cleaning (separation efficiency 2 µm)
  • Capacities of 10, 20 and 30 l available
GLASKO installed on a pre-mixer for injection moulding machines
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