We are specialists in dosing, mixing and colouring plastic materials! You will receive accurate and reliable technology from us – for injection moulding machines or extruders.
Expand your capabilities with KOCH-TECHNIK!



We provide you with flexible solutions for mixing and dosing plastics that make your company more economical.

Our pre-mixers mix plastics e.g. granulates, ground material or free-flowing powder with masterbatch or additives.

The homogeneous mixing is the basis for further processing – in injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding.


With our dosing solutions, you achieve the highest accuracy when dosing masterbatch or additives to a main material.

We offer volumetric and gravimetric dosing solutions to dose additive substances into a plastic material that is then processed in the injection moulding machine or in the extruder.

When colouring, exactly the same shades are achieved.

Pre-mixer for injection moulding machines

Pre-mixer on the injection moulding machine for throughputs up to 25 kg/h and shot weights up to 0.2 kg The KK mixer is almost ideal for mixing plastic materials with powder or masterbatch at smaller injection moulding machines. The mixer has an inlet for the main material and an attachment for a dosing station.
Throughput: Mixer Type KK
with powder* and new material max. 20 kg/h
with masterbatch max. 25 kg/h
Shot weight
with powder* max. 150 g
with masterbatch max. 200 g

 * only well free-flowing powder

Pre-mixer on the injection moulding machine for throughputs up to 70 kg/h and shot weights up to 0.9 kg. The G mixer is the bigger brother of the KK mixer and has an attachment for the main material and two attachments for dosing stations. The plastic material and all dosed additive substances are homogenously mixed in the G mixer. Up to four various material components, e.g. new material, regranulated material, masterbatch and additive can be processed.
Throughput Mixer type G
with powder* and new material max. 60 kg/h
with masterbatch max. 70 kg/h
Shot weight
with powder* max. 700 g
with masterbatch max. 900 g

 * only well free-flowing powder

The V pre-mixers are designed for injection molding machines and ideal for throughputs up to 250 kg/h and shot weights up to 4,000 g The V pre-mixers are designed for injection moulding machines and ideal for throughputs up to 250 kg/h and shot weights up to 4,000 g Dimensioned for high machine throughputs, these mixers cut a fine figure at big injection moulding machines: homogenous mixing of up to 250 kg plastic material per hour is no problem! The big mixers of this series are made of V2A stainless steel. In combination with the appropriate conveying units and up to three dosing stations, the masterbatch, free flowing powder and new goods or ground materials are properly mixed and processed.
Throughput Mixer type V12 type V25
with powder and new material max. 80 kg/h 200 kg/h
with masterbatch max. 100 kg/h 250 kg/h
Shot weight
with powder max. 1000 g 2000 g
with masterbatch max. 1500 g 4000 g

Pre-mixer for extruders and blow moulding machines

Pre-mixer for extruders and blow moulding systems for machine throughputs up to 60 kg/h. The pre-mixer type Gx is optimized for use in extrusion and blow moulding systems. The material is batch dosed into the mixer and homogenously mixed before the processing. The pre-mixer has four attachments for dosing stations or slides through which it is batch dosed. If the filling level drops below a certain level, all stations dose a precisely adjustable quantity into the mixer. So even with uneven machine output, the colour always remains constant.
Throughput Mixer type Gx
with powder* max. 40 kg/h
with masterbatch max. 60 kg/h

 * only well free-flowing powder

Vx mixers supply extruders or other machines Pre-mixer for machine throughputs up to 500 kg/h A homogenous mixing of the batch dosed material guarantees consistent results in the film extrusion.
The pre-mixer is available in various sizes; the main body is made of high quality aluminium ingot mould casting or V2A stainless steel depending on the type and need. In addition, dosing units for masterbatch, ground material or well free-flowing powder are available.
Throughput Mixer type V12x type V25x type V40x
with powder* in kg/h max. 180 280 400
with masterbatch in kg/h max. 250 350 500

 * only well free-flowing powder

The pre-mixer V40x with installed dosing stations and material separators

Dosing and coloring

Metered addition of masterbatch or grain formed granules Each chamber of the dosing roll is filled equally before it is emptied. The constant speed guarantees a high dosing accuracy.
left: dosing station type Kö 2 – Kö 4; right: type Kö 6 Type Kö – grain station for masterbatch (type Kö 2 – Kö 4) Colour savings through chamber volume dosing! It is dosed in a stepless manner through the dosing stations. Regardless of whether it is masterbatch or grain formed granulates, the chamber volume dosing can process it all. The dosing rolls have been developed for this purpose and have proven their worth.
Type Throughput Volume
Kö 2-1 0.5 kg/h 4.0 litres
Kö 2 1 kg/h 6.0 litres
Kö 3/Kö 4 4 – 7 kg/h 10.0 litres
Kö 6 350 kg/h 40.0 litres
The big dosing station type Kö 6 is ideal for dosing large material quantities. The robust cell wheel doses easily not only trouble-free new goods but also well free-flowing regrind. Dosing virgin material (grit and grain shaped) or ground materials Precise volumetric dosing of large quantities through a cellular wheel
Volumetric dosing stations for virgin material or regrind Ma 1 – Ma 5 Coarse-grained pellets or well free-flowing ground materials are dosed through an Ma station. An agitator provide support for the sturdy V2A stainless-steel cellular wheel. So even sharp-edged grains are dosed without jamming. In combination with a sliding device, quick colour and material changes are no problem.
Type Throughput Volume
Ma 1 – Ma 4 7 – 140 kg/h 11.0 litres
Ma 5 200 kg/h 20.0 litres
Volumetric powder dosing. The chamber volume dosing through a dosing roll is an uncomplicated solution for the exact dosage of well free-flowing powder.
Pu dosing station for well free-flowing powder The special feature of our powder dosing stations is the support plate under which the same bulk weight is always available – no matter how much powder is in the storage container. Through a stirrer, the free-flowing powder is moved and loosened in the station. A forced scraper empties the chambers of the dosing roll at the outlet opening.
Type Throughput Volume
Pu 1 0.5 kg/h 4.0 litre
Pu 2 1 kg/h 6.0 litre
Pu 3 2 kg/h 10.0 litre
Pu 4 4 kg/h 10.0 litre
Pu 5 7 kg/h 10.0 litre
Pu 7 15 kg/h 25.0 litre
For dosing smaller or larger quantities, dosing rolls can be exchanged very easily and quickly.
KEM-TOUCH Dosing and colouring unit for directly volumetric dosing onto injection moulding machines and extruders. Our thousand times proven KEM direct colouring unit is the simplest and yet most effective solution for colouring plastic materials with masterbatch.
KEM direct colouring units are installed with a flange directly on the material input of the plastic processing machine. The raw material flows through a free intake into the machine where the masterbatch or additive is also added. The direct dosing through chamber volumes enables a precise addition of plastic pellets and well free-flowing powder and ground material. For dosing smaller or larger quantities, the dosing rolls can be exchanged very easily and quickly.
The KEM-Ma is suitable for dosing large quantities of masterbatch or ground material. For the simplest change of material, the unit is installed on a flange with a sliding device.
This arrangement is ideal when not only the masterbatch but also an antistatic agent or fireproofing agent must be added: Two KEM-TOUCH units on an adapter flange. The main materials are conveyed to this IMM through a hopper loader for two different materials, for example virgin material and regrind.
The control is integrated in the casing body and offers various programs for use at extruders and injection moulding machines.
Control of the dosing per touch display:
  • 5 programs for direct dosing
  • stepless setting of dosing quantities
  • recipe memory
  • language selection and password protection
  • filling level and rotation monitoring as option
Upgrades with the option Ethernet interface:
  • Industry 4.0 compatible
  • integration in the machine control
  • integration in KOCH visualization software (see monitoring or visualisation software in Digital Solutions)
Type KEM
KEM-TOUCH (1) 1.0 kg/h – 4 kg/h
KEM-PU (2) 1.0 kg/h – 2 kg/h
KEM-Ma1 (3) up to 7 kg/h
KEM-Ma2 (3) up to 14 kg/h
KEM-Ma3 (3) up to 30 kg/h
KEM-Ma4 (3) up to 140 kg/h
(1) Added substances, e.g. masterbatch, additive, flame retardant ..
(2) only well free-flowing powder
(3) masterbatch, free-flowing ground materials


Patented gravimetric dosing and mixing system from KOCH-TECHNIK

With the GRAVIKO, Prof. Dr. h.c. Werner Koch has developed a system that allows the user to simplify the gravimetric dosage of material.

With the GRAVIKO series, you can very simply dose and weigh, check, correct and evaluate – in a working process.

The control unit identifies external interferences and compensates them when weighing. Imperfect dosages are a thing of the past.

Production line with GRAVIKO GK 250 at a plastics processor in Mexico.

Ein GRAVIKO GK can be disassembled without tools within two minutes.

For a simple change of material, the sliding device is replaced by a swivel device at big dosing stations.
Sequence of the gravimetric dosing with the patented GRAVIKO:

  • The individual material components, e.g. virgin material, masterbatch and additives, are dosed in the weighing container
  • The actual weight is registered…
  • … and compared with the target value.
  • As soon as the target weight is reached, the material is emptied into the mixer and mixed homogeneously for the processing.

GRAVIKO GK 250 with a control unit and conveying technology plus an intermediate hopper
GRAVIKO series:

GRAVIKO type GK 65 – for throughputs up to 80 kg/h
GRAVIKO type GK 250 – for throughputs up to 250 kg/h
GRAVIKO type GK 600 – for throughputs up to 600 kg/h
GRAVIKO type GK 1000 – for throughputs up to 1,000 kg/h
GRAVIKO type GK 1500 – for throughputs up to 1,500 kg/h
(special types on request)

GRAVIKO type GK600 in the modular system.
KOCH modular system: Everything fits together; each device can be supplemented with another module. Besides, the easy handling is fascinating: the conveyor hoods are hinged, material handling units can be swivelled and sliding or swivelling devices facilitate the change of material – without much effort and without tools.

Control units

Type SLT and MCT volumetric dosing control units
The new SLT and MCT control units, which will continuously replace the existing SL and Mcm control units, were developed for volumetric pre-mixers and dosing stations.
Emphasis was placed on connectivity, convenient operation and easy handling at the production machine, underlined by a simple and intuitive user interface on a 7-inch touch screen.
The required process parameters are calculated fully automatically. The result is continuously uniform dosing.
The device now features extended recipe memory, convenient recipe management, language switching, password and user hierarchy, alarm output for an optional fault detector, alarm history and more.
A USB output allows data loading and backup and software updates. Using an Ethernet connection, the device can be connected to the company network to control dosing centrally via the Koch visualization software.
For other use in industrial automation, i.e. for practical application in plastics processing within Industry 4.0, SLT and MCT control units equipped with the OPC-UA open interface standard allow data exchange between production machines and peripherals independent of the manufacturer.
Important characteristics and benefits
  • mobile and flexible control unit with a VESA mount
  • 7” colour touch screen
  • simple and intuitive operation of the control unit
  • alarm history and recipe management (up to 500 recipes)
  • 16 pre-installed languages
  • password and user management
  • USB interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • compatible with Industry 4.0 through the OPC-UA communication standard
  • fully integrated in the KOCH visualization software
The new SLT and MCT control units with a 7“ colour touch screen offer greater operator comfort, are mobile and save as much space as possible.
Control unit SLT MCT
Production machine Injection Injection/extrusion
Dosing station 1 – 2  up to 4
Pre-mixer KK, G, V KK, G, V, Gx, Vx
The gravimetric control unit MCGT operates GRAVIKOS with up to 4 dosing stations and one mixer Type MCGT
The MCGT is an easy to use control unit with 7″ color touch display. After entering the weighing hopper size and the recipe, the dosing runs automatically from the first cycle on, without any necessary calibration. You can query, change and save all process data via the touch screen.
With the OPC-UA communication standard, the uncomplicated and complete integration of the devices into the company-specific production processes is now also possible with the GRAVIKOS.
Advantages and features:
  • 7″ color touch display with simple user interface
  • Clear input and display of process parameters
  • Alarm display in plain text
  • Password protection
  • Statistic functions with operating hours counter and consumption counter
  • Language switching
  • History recording with alarms, parameter changes and login/logoff of users
  • USB and Ethernet interface for data output and coupling with higher-level systems (optional OPC-UA or ModBus-TCP)
  • Scale calibration before each dosing cycle
  • Gravimetric acquisition and correction of dosing values
  • Separate tolerance setting for each individual component
Increased operating comfort, mobile and enormously space-saving – the new MCGT control units with 7” color touch display
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